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There was a time when Sears could be the answer to just about any shopping need.  While that may no longer be true that doesn’t mean we can’t still take advantage of what they once offered.  This vintage Kenmore machine may have been sold at your local Sears but it was built in Germany.  Like almost all Kenmore machines of this era this is easy to use but packs more than enough power to get through any household task and well beyond.  It has straight stich and zig zag built in but can also use the provided cams to expand it’s stitching options well beyond the basics.

This sale is for not only a great machine but the matching cabinet as well.  If you’re tired of chasing a machine around on the wrong surface or struggling with half of your fabric on the floor then you know how valuable it is to find a proper matched pair like this.  It really is how sewing was meant to be done!


Includes everything pictured

Model Number denotes this was built by Gritzner-Kayser AG for White Sewing Machines who then sold them to Sears as the top of the Line Kenmore in 1956.  One year before Gritzner-Kayser AG was acquired by Pfaff.

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